Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lemon Sugar Cookies

Want a thin sugar cookie with a big lemon flavor? Then this is your cookie. Since discovering these, I cannot stop eating them. Mercy, the lemon just explodes in my mouth and I keep going back for more.

It was my extreme good fortune to discover these delectable cookies on Gulf Coast Gram's blog. My good fortune was further expanded when I asked Anj if I could blog her recipe, and she graciously said yes! Now isn't that just like a good cook to also have a good and generous heart?

I pretty much followed the directions Anj had provided, with a couple of minor changes. Her directions didn't say whether or not to grease the cookie sheet, but I generally use parchment paper so it wasn't an issue. If I didn't, I'd be inclined to lightly grease the sheet. You won't want to leave one crumb of these cookies behind.

Secondly, even though I have a food processor, I couldn't justify hauling it out to use it for the lemon flavored sugar; the amount is just too small. So, I macerated the lemon rind into the sugar (I used the back of a spoon and really squished the grated peel into the sugar, further breaking down the grated peel to release its lemony goodness). I set the sugar mixture aside while the dough was in the fridge, giving it time to absorb flavor and fragrance.

Lastly, because there's going to be a lot of lemon sugar left over (I haven't used up all the dough yet but I can tell I have more than enough), I think I'm going to roll the little dough balls in the sugar and then cross hatch the dough on the cookie sheet. More lemony sugar! YUM!

Anj, this is definitely a new family favorite. Thank you so much for sharing!


  1. Beautiful cookies! Your changes are spot on too. I'm really bad about giving instructions. Your's are much more precise and helpful. They are a lovely cookie for sure.

  2. Gorgeous; both the cookies and the china!

  3. Katypi, I have lemons and a recipe from forever, but I'm going to try these tomorrow, I hope I'm not too old to learn (and never get to that point)... Kathye

  4. THOSE look YUMMY...we will be moving this weekend, but after I get settled, I WILL be trying out some of your yummy recipes :)

  5. I've seen a few posts for lemon cookies on the net lately. Yours look great. I love sugar and they sound wonderful with lemon!

  6. My first time here and I love your blog! You have some wonderful recipes!! I'll be a regular here!!

  7. Anj, I'm still eating these wonderful cookies. I did roll them in sugar the 2nd time and then cross hatched them. Perfect!

    Bramble Patch, I'm collecting jadeite, and every now and then I have a good find, like this matching cup and saucer. We bought them at different times, in hopes of finding a mate.

    Kathye, you're teaching me things all the time! Look at that wonderful honey chicken LEMON recipe I love that's yours. My friend, you have a loooong ways to go before anyone would ever call you old.

    Diana, I LOVE your home. So beautiful! These cookies would be just the ticket when you finally can catch your breath and kick back.

    Debbie, I hope you do give these a try and let me know what you think.You have more than a couple of recipes that I want to try, too :)

    Bunny, so nice to see you! My mouth was watering when I was visiting your blog today. Thank you for your complimemt!

    I appreciate and welcome all of you!

    Wonder what's cooking? I'll be seeing all of you!

  8. Do you believe that I was looking for a good lemon cookies recipe? Now, I found it! These cookies look perfect! I'll bake them soon.

  9. Talita, I hope you do. These are so good. Let me know what you think of them.


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